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I do Hillside Oscars every year for FREE! I am a mummy, Wife and business owner and currently setting up my 2nd business so I do this on my own time! I do not get paid for this as I want the kids to have these images to look back on! I ask that you do not remove my watermark which is hidden in the top corners. Please feel free to copy the images for personal viewing but be mindful that these are children and other parents may not wish for their child's picture to be on social media, hence the password protected album. If you would like a high res copy of the images, un-watermarked and also in black and white you can purchase this from myself for £5 +P&P or feel free to collect. I cannot guarantee which children I get a photo of as this is down the children themselves. This year was manic for myself as my own child attended the oscars. I had a camera malfunction too which did not help whilst trying to enjoy it with my family and get photos for everyone else! But I do hope you enjoy them! To all the year 6 children I wish you a happy and healthy future! You can be anything you want so long as you work hard! You have all been an absolute pleasure to watch grow! Leia xx