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Leiamara Marson

Director & Photographer

My name is Leiamara, I am 33, Everybody calls me Leia. I am married to Rik. We have 2 beautiful daughters. 

My family is everything to me! 


I used to study photography many years ago when I was at school but music took over and I followed that path and did very well, then I became a mummy and could not be away from my girls and I never stopped taking photos from the moment they were born, so to cut a long story short my huge love for photography made me give this a shot and it paid off!


I LOVE my job! 


I specialize in weddings but also do events and portraits. 


I am a old romantic and I love to hear about couples and their story so to be asked to capture the very moment that will start their adventure in life together is a honor! 

I just love it and to be honest I cant sum it up anymore than that! 

My brides and grooms become my friends, it just doesn't get better!

Your images are timeless so I give my all and go that extra mile to make sure everything is perfect.

Lynda Clifford


Lynda is Leia's mother and her godsend! She is Leia's right hand woman!

You will see her helping at weddings and events

Cheryl Howard


Leia's best friend, you will see Cheryl helping at weddings & events!

She is amazing and tag teams with Leia and Lynda and they support each other in their ventures!